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Meet the Team

Josh and Dera, Owners of Grandscapes of Pittsburg

Josh Thomas

Business Owner

Hi! I’m Josh Thomas, the founder and owner of Grandscapes Landscape Construction.  At the age of 13 I was taught to meticulously care for my own yard.  This trait caught the eye of neighbors, many of which are still customers to this day. I went to the University of Pittsburgh graduating with a degree in Finance and Marketing, putting myself through college via the landscaping business.  


After graduating and having built a positive reputation I decided to continue landscaping as my career.  Through much hard work, perseverance, and experiences in the landscaping trade,  Grandscapes Landscape has grown into a professional and reputable landscaping company that we are proud of today.


Grandscapes, was built solely on referrals, and to this day around 90% of our business is still referral based.  Pittsburgh’s all four seasons provides a way to service those in the South Hills area and beyond year round.  We are proud to provide most all of your landscaping needs.  We specialize in areas such as custom landscaping, retaining walls, patios and concrete and design.   Thus the name Grandscapes Landscape Construction! 

Dera Thomas

Office Manager

Hi! I’m Dera, Josh’s wife. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management along with an Associate Degree in Web Design. When I met Josh, he had already been a professional landscaper for around 10 years. He impressed me with his hard work and dedication to his business and his customers which was a great sign for me, this guy is a keeper! Dedication, honesty, and hard work were and are his strengths that I admire. I believe he also admires me for the same reasons. He said he knew he wanted to marry me when he came home and I had surprised him by removing his forest of weeds from the perimeter of his house. He was shocked when he was short handed and I offered to meet up with him and his employees to mow lawns. From there I worked side by side with him, mowing, landscaping, laying pavers, building walls, etc.  Hard work it was for sure.


It takes many talents or expertise to own a business especially today, I also feel I have the same drive and tenacity necessary to help run our business. Years ago Josh strictly grew his business from word of mouth until I helped to create our website and social media exposure. I feel I am an asset because I can relate to what is needed from both angles. How to work outdoors, but now from the indoors to take care of the customer calls invoicing and employee scheduling, etc. Now our business has grown exponentially and so has our family!  We have two beautiful girls together and feel so blessed.

We have always been fair in our pricing and to top that off we absolutely take pride in our work from every vantage point.  We CARE, we truly care! Hence our slogan “A little GLC goes a long way!” Playing off of TLC (Tender Loving Care) We talk to you about where your wants and needs are from the beauty of the landscape design, to your pocketbook, we try to manage both to accommodate our customers. From our words to yours, when you refer us, we want to be that landscape representative that is admired.

Where We Started

Now, with over 20 years of experience, we proudly see our satisfied customers return as well as refer us to their friends and family.  Call us today and let us put a little GLC into your life!

Colorful autumn foliage in a picturesque backyard
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