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Custom Fire Pit
Wall, Concrete and Landscaping
Stamped Concrete
Wall, Concrete and Landscaping
Total Landscape Overhaul

Retaining walls are a necessity in the suburbs of hilly Pennsylvania.  Maybe your existing wall is about to capsize.  Let Grandscapes discuss your options of rebuilding or replacement with you.  What if you are just looking for more yard?  A retaining wall could very well be the answer.  Or you could simply want a decorative wall for some eye-catching aesthetics.  In any matter, we have the proper tools, products, and expertise to remedy your situation.

Grandscapes offers a variety of concrete services.  Choose the project, be it a driveway, walkway, or patio, during your free consultation we will review your options and choose the best one based on your personal preferences.  

Pavers add a naturally beautiful look to any landscape.  Pavers can be used in walkway, patio, and even driveway installations.  As the customer, you will have a vast selection of paver styles, colors, and patterns to choose from.  The finished product of any paver job is guaranteed to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Does the yard looks like it needs a face-lift?  Whether it's trimming a few shrubs and adding some fresh mulch, or scrapping the existing landscape and starting brand new, we can help.  Contact us to either share some ideas you have or gain some insight using our expertise.  Call for a free consultation to derive new ideas for giving your landscape a makeover and some GLC.

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